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Archives - The Hive - Rotherham

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

This was my first time going to The Hive in Rotherham, it is a great live music venue with a large bar area and two stage rooms. Cell one being downstairs, a long room with the stage on the side, cell two upstairs, another long room but the stage at the end of the room.

First support on was Arimea, I have seen them once before but WOW they were amazing on stage! They are an Alternative Metal band from Oxford with an amazing lead vocal, great stage presence and give an awesome show every time. Next up were Reanimate, a modern 5 piece Metal band from Sheffield. They are a really well put together band that present themselves well and perform great with each other.

Finally on the last night of their headline tour starting in Dublin Ireland is Archives, a Metal band from Belfast Ireland. This was my first time seeing them they were absolutely amazing, so full of energy jumping and moshing on and off stage. It was great to watch a band with so much energy perform and see them enjoying it just as much as the crowd.

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