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Slammed Gravity Show 2023

On August Bank Holiday Weekend, Slammed UK hosted there Gravity Show 2023 at the NEC Birmingham for the first time! Before this it was held at the NAEC just outside Coventry.

I attended the Sunday, it was an amazing day with a great range of cars, car detailing stands and enthusiasts from across the country. Outside there were live action shows nearly all day long, I watched the last one of the day and weekend it was insane with drifting, dirt bikes and BIG trucks!

A big love of mine were the car detailing places I spent a lot of time at Stjarnagloss, Sam's Detailing and the official sponsor Auto Finesse. If a car is clean, well looked after then it should be on display which nearly all the cars were spotless and I can tell people put time into them.

I will 100% have it on my list to attend next year!

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