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Yesterday's Gone - Fire Garden - Dead Demons - Mexborough

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Last night I attended one of Yesterday's Gone's tour nights at The Imperial Music Venue in Mexborough, a friendly, local music bar. This venue features an old American style bar and seating area, great for sitting and watching bands in the evening. Yet on a busier night, the tables can easily be rearranged to create more room and accommodate a larger crowd.

First up on the night were Dead Demons, a four piece heavy rock band based in and around Yorkshire. Their most recent song 'Another Space In Time' was released in March of this year, as well as their EP 'Mortuus Daemonia' that came out in October 2020. Their performance on the night was incredible, as it is every time. As a band they play very well together and seem to have fun whilst on stage, with great audience interaction.

Firegarden, a Sheffield band, were the next up on the night. Their new addition to the band, Danny Vernon on guitar, fitted right in, along with Jake Mann (Vocals and guitar), Chris Heald (Bass and vocals) and Ashley Tuck (Drums). On their Bandcamp page they describe themselves as a 'play of sexy, funky prog 'n' roll.'. When playing, they sound very smooth and have many greats songs such as 'Crabs' and 'Ghost Ship'.

The final band of this awesome night of live music were Yesterday's Gone, a 'southern fried blues rock' band from Chesterfield that formed in early 2019. Later in 2019 they brought out their debut EP 'Metamorphosis' featuring 'Greed', 'Mine All Mine' and 'Whiskey Chaser', which then lead them to their next single 'Break Me'. Similarly to the first two bands, when they are on stage you can see the genuine connection between the band members and how they are thoroughly enjoying themselves. They have a great stage presence and love the interaction from the audience, overall an incredible band that I will never get bored of seeing.

Overall an incredible night with some amazing live music!

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